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What is an IDK

Accedo One Integration Development Kit (IDK for short) is a CLI-based tool that provides a simplified local development environment for building Accedo One integrations.

IDK allows for a hassle-free development and testing, without needing to expose integrations publicly or registering them in Accedo One. In addition, it provides tooling and functionality often required for efficient local development workflows, tools that often would not be possible to enable when working directly towards Accedo One cloud services.

Design goals and functionality

Main design goal of IDK is to make building integrations as fast and simple as possible. This means the tool is designed to be developer-oriented, and provides features mainly usable by integration developers:

  • Local development environment with idk up
  • Simple way to define and test integration configuration
  • Detailed debug logs
  • Visual access to data stored (depending on the integration type)

Future plans

IDK is still in its early stage, and we plan to extend it with many more features in the months to come.

In no particular order, here are a few features we are looking to add to Accedo One IDK:

  • Auto-update feature
  • Simpler runtime experience with fewer dependencies
  • Certification - a way to validate quality of the integration with help of automated battery of tests
  • ...and of course many more integration types

💡 Have an idea or any other feedback? Please let us know!