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  • Updated to support the latest versions of Accedo One services


  • New! DRM integration support
  • Minor QoL fixes and improvements


  • New! Recommendation integration support
  • Improved: Additional IDK CLI commands
    • idk stop - stop / pause current environment
    • idk list-types - get a list of known integration types
  • Minor UI fixes
    • Enter actually submits some forms that were previously choosing to ignore it


  • New! In-App Purchase integration support
    • Currently supporting: Amazon / Apple / Google / Roku
    • Get purchasable products for each platform
    • Validate & Process IAP receipts for each platform
  • New! Entitlement integration support
    • Get user subscription status
    • Check user entitlements for content
  • Improved: Video Catalog & Playback
    • Lookup content by ID - get entire content object (for use with Entitlement IDK)
    • "I'm feeling lucky" - lookup or play random piece of content (you might not want to look up IDs)
  • Improved: CIAM
    • Export credentials & manually set credentials (for use with other IDKs)


  • New! CIAM: End-User Management integration support
    • You can now simulate login, registration, profile editing and forgot password flows
    • Preview rendering of responses to mimic how client applications will render the views
  • Improved: Video Catalog & Playback integration support
    • Added support for playback flow simulation of different assets
    • Added support for defining custom catalog fields
    • It is now possible to see contents of multiple syncs (data was there but Kibana would previously only show data for the latest sync).
  • Usability improvements to IDK UI as a whole
    • Shiny new design, to make it feel more modern (a bit of bling it deserved!)
    • Links to documentation, protocol files and support Slack channel added to IDK UI
    • It is much easier now to define configuration types and check if integration is reachable
    • IDK is now update-aware and will check for updates at launch (and nag you to update)
  • Integration configuration is now persisting between launches (We know this must've been frustrating!)


First public release of IDK with support for Video Catalog & Playback integration.