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IDK is distributed as a native statically linked binary, built specifically for your Operating System and architecture. Currently only architectures and systems described in the table below are supported.

OS / Arch Download
macOS Intel | M1
Linux x86-64 | ARM
Windows x86-64

Extra resources available for download:

Resource Download
Proto files Link

System Requirements

Currently IDK requires the following tools to be installed and configured on your system


After downloading IDK, installation is as straight-forward as:

  • Unpacking the archive
  • Placing the tools binary somewhere on your system's PATH


While adding to a system PATH is not mandatory, it is encouraged. For instance, on Linux and macOS you may want to place it under /usr/local/bin or ~/bin/ depending on your systems configuration.


The binary is not signed, and therefore, manual approval is required for it to be executed. Download the IDK for Mac using the link above, unpack the archive and double-click on idk-darwin-amd64. An error message will appear:\ \ “idk-darwin-amd64” can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.

To be able to run the IDK, you need to approve the binary: open System Preferences, Security & Privacy and click on Open Anyway. You can now invoke the IDK CLI normally from your terminal.

  1. IDK is compatible with docker replacement tools such as Colima